This site is for Albertus Magnus College students and University of Connecticut students who are taking courses with me.

NEW POSTS will appear on the left, most recent first. Scroll down until you find ones for your class OR click on your class in the CATEGORIES section to the right, which will have all of the postings by title for your class.

ADDITIONALLY, this site is also open to anyone outside of these college and university communities who is interested in exploring literature, either the works and authors I am covering in any given course, or any other issue concerning literature, writing and culture.

Literary Dwelling will be a forum where we all can exchange ideas about literature and anything that arises concerning literature; we can discuss interpretation and different methods for interpreting a particular work; we can express triumphs or frustrations in our reading experience; we can ask questions for thought and interpretation.

Ultimately, I want this site to be a place in which we can roam freely over many ideas and thoughts, and entertain possibilities for understanding language, poetry, drama, novels and any other form of written expression. I hope that we can inspire each other, support each other and challenge each other.

Each of us has something unique to bring to the interpretation of literature. Each of us comes from different horizons of experience. Interpretation thrives upon conflict — the conflict of contrasting ideas, the conflict of coming into contact with something that is other to us.

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