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This is an upcoming blog and site for my courses. This coming Spring 2009 semester, I will be teaching during the day program at Albertus Magnus College the Twentieth Century American and British Novel and Written Expression. In the evening program during Mod 3 (running from January to March), I will be teaching the Shakespeare Seminar and Masterworks of British Literature, Part 1. I will teach part 2 of Masterworks of British Literature in Mod 4 (March to May).

In this main page, I will be posting blogs for thoughts, interest, interpretation, information and entertainment concerning these particular courses for the Spring 2009 semester. I will also post anything else that I consider of interest concerning literature, education, writing and culture.

For particular information concerning a course, use the tool bar to the right.

For those of you not taking one or any of these particular courses, there will be certain material that can only be accessed for enrolled students. For those of you enrolled in any of the courses, there will be links that will require your password.

Whether you are taking a course or not, I hope that you will find this blog informative and entertaining.

Happy Reading!

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